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JAL Consulting Group provides customized, tangible solutions for your company which are currently being utilized by Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries.  JAL assists its clients by creating and implementing customized financial tools, processes, and solutions which have an immediate positive impact on both shareholder value and bottom line cash flow.

JAL provides its clients with a full spectrum of products and services that range from internal audit, SOX, and general accounting services, to M&A advisory services.  In addition, JAL also specializes in the implementation of highly successful process improvement tools and workflow models to improve a company’s operational efficiency.

Each day, companies face challenges in achieving profitable growth.  Whether it is satisfying SOX requirements or implementing standardized financial reporting packages, companies must find a way to allocate scarce resources to meet the demands of the business.  At JAL, we specialize if providing our clients with the support they need in all areas of finance and accounting that enable the company to achieve its long term objectives.
 Internal Audit / SOX / General Accounting / Compliance
 Merger & Acquisition / Business Integration / Corporate Finance
 Process Re-Engineering and Automation
 Financial Systems support and implementation
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The mission of JAL Consulting Group is to consistently deliver the highest quality business advisory services and deliver long term viable solutions that your company can leverage immediately.